Toys R Us has received several $1bn (£706m) bids for a majority stake in its Asia arm, a lawyer for the company said.

The US company plans to sell some of its global operations after collapsing in September due to piling debt and strong competition from discount online retailers.

Lawyer Joshua Sussberg said that the company will attempt to continue running profitable stores in Europe and Asia while it folds its UK and US stores.

 Mr Sussberg told a US court hearing that sales and estate auctions were generating some money to repay creditors.

Toys R Us is also expecting to finalise a deal to sell its operations in Central Europe.

The retailer had almost 1,600 stores before it filed for bankruptcy protection, many of them characteristically located in out-of-town areas with large stores.

The rise of online shopping and the dominance of e-retailers such as Amazon made life difficult for Toys R Us as it never completely took hold of online sales.

Toys R Us in the UK has yet to find a buyer for 100 closed stores.

“We are working closely with the 2,000 employees affected by the closures to ensure they receive the support they need for redundancy and other compensatory payments,” said Stephen Thomas, lawyer at Moorfields.

“The stores across the county will be open as usual until the last day of trading and we would encourage shoppers to make the most of the great deals on offer”.

Here is a comprehensive list of closing dates for UK Toys R Us stores;

Banbury, Friday-20-April         

Bayswater, Saturday-21-April       

Bedford, Saturday-21-April       

Belfast Castle Court, Tuesday-24-April      

Brent Cross, Tuesday-24-April      

Brighton, Thursday-19-April      

Bristol   Friday-20-April

Bromley, Thursday-19-April      

Carlisle The Lanes, Thursday-19-April      


Chester, Tuesday-24-April      

Northampton, Monday-23-April

Chester Broughton, Wed-18-April    

Preston, Monday-23-April

Chesterfield, Sun-22-April      

Stevenage, Thursday-19-April

Colliers Wood, Sun-22-April      

Glasgow The Forge, Saturday-21-April

Coventry, Tuesday-24-April      

Wakefield, Saturday-21-April

Craigleith, Friday-20-April

Croydon, Tuesday-24-April      

Glasgow Helen St, Monday-23-April

Derby, Tuesday-24-April      

Basildon, Saturday-21-April

Enfield  Monday-23-April    

Manchester, Saturday-21-April

Harlow, Sunday 22 April

High Wycombe, Saturday-21-April       

Blackburn, Thursday-19-April

Ilford, Sunday-22-April      

Liverpool, Friday-20-April

Lincoln, Monday-23-April    

Thurrock, Friday-20-April

Luton, Monday-23-April    

Doncaster Frenchgate, Friday-20-April

Mansfield, Saturday-21-April       

Dundee, Tuesday-24-April

Medway, Monday-23-April    

Stirling,  Sun-22-April

Merry Hill, Friday-20-April         

Leicester Highcross, Friday-13-April

Metro   Saturday-21-April        

Milton Keynes   Sun-22-April

Nottingham        Tuesday-24-April

Norwich               Tuesday-24-April

Oldbury                Monday-23-April   

Peterborough   Sun-22-April

Portsmouth        Friday-20-April         

Leeds    Monday-23-April

Reading                Saturday-21-April       

Sheffield              Tuesday-24-April

Solihull  Sun-22-April      

Northampton Weston Favell      Saturday-21-April

Sprucefields       Monday-23-April    

Oxford  Saturday-21-April

Stafford               Thursday-19-April      

Warrington         Tuesday-24-April

Staines Elmsleigh             Friday-20-April         

Stockport            Sun-22-April

Swindon              Tuesday-24-April

Stoke    Saturday-21-April       

Nottingham Victoria Centre        Friday-20-April

Sunderland         Wed-18-April

Swansea              Sun-22-April      

Poole    Monday-23-April

Sydenham          Friday-20-April         

Aberdeen Union Square               Thursday-19-April

Teesside              Friday-20-April         

Cardiff Queen Street      Thursday-19-April

Uxbridge             Thursday-19-April      

Gloucester          Monday-23-April

Woking Sun-22-April